Supplier Alliance Projects

The Clean Energy Supplier Alliance is committed to expanding U.S.-based energy suppliers and supply chains that will help meet the rapidly changing industry demands, accelerate the deployment of new nuclear projects and create sustainable, good-paying jobs.

Our initiatives will bring together researchers, developers, manufacturers, suppliers and other experts to forge collaborative strategies that address industry supply chain, technology and workforce development challenges.

Our top-level goals and projects include:

Goal: Next-Generation Nuclear Technology and Other Advanced Clean Energy Systems Deployed Regionally and Nationally

Support Existing Nuclear Industry
Partner with economic development organizations to support initiatives that further the growth, expansion and diversification objectives of existing regional nuclear industries and other advanced clean energy initiatives.

Facilitate Next-Generation Nuclear
Team with economic development, utility/power generation/distribution and technology organizations to support opportunities for the demonstration and deployment of next-generation nuclear technologies.

Goal: A Modern Nuclear Supply Chain Regionally and Nationally

Strengthen Nuclear Supplier Quality 
Establish a Northwest Nuclear Quality Management Center of Excellence to provide expertise, guidance and resources, so the U.S. nuclear energy supply chain industry can grow and diversify.

Support Nuclear Supplier Readiness
Implement programs and processes companies can use to measure their operations against the criteria required to supply the nuclear industry and take the necessary steps to close any gaps.

Prepare Tomorrow’s Nuclear Workers
Engage and support education and training partners that are addressing industry needs to accelerate next-generation workforce development to support next-generation nuclear energy facilities.

Accelerate the Nuclear Supply Chain
Collaborate with industry to implement advanced manufacturing technologies that deliver the promise of small modular and advanced reactor technologies: safer, simpler, cheaper and faster to deploy.

Goal: Supplier Alliance Relevance and Value Within the Nuclear Supply Chain

Share the Value of Membership
Expand the depth and breadth of membership by communicating the Supplier Alliance’s value proposition to a wider audience while continuing to address diversity and inclusion.

Strengthen Partnerships
Engage and establish partnerships with national and industry leadership organizations.

Goal: Meaningful Business Opportunities and Value for Supplier Alliance Members

Increase Awareness of the Alliance
Establish processes and events that engage technology vendors and demonstration/deployment projects to increase awareness and understanding of Supplier Alliance member capabilities, products and services.

Foster Opportunities for Members
Institute Supplier Alliance processes and an environment that creates opportunities for members to do business with each other via subcontracting or teaming to pursue contracts.