VERTical Projects

The U.S. needs both dispatchable and baseload clean energy generation resources to complement intermittent renewables and variable demand. 

VERTical’s project areas and initiatives focus on accelerating deployment for next-generation nuclear and preparing the market to serve the industry for decades to come. VERTical has established target sector collaboration groups to bring private and public entities together to solve industry challenges. These experts and actions will move next-generation nuclear energy technologies forward.

Facilitate Next-Generation Reactor Demonstration & Deployment Projects

Illustration of two hands with each one holding a puzzle piece that fits with the other one to complete a top-down illustration of a reactor core.

Next-generation nuclear energy reactor technologies are first-of-a-kind and will require varied technical support, equipment and resources pipelines to create a sustainable industry. VERTical will collaborate with next-gen reactor companies to identify opportunities and plan and provide technical expertise and resources.

Accelerate Advanced Manufacturing to Onshore and Secure ​the Supply Chain

The U.S. nuclear energy supply chain has significantly declined since the 1980s. In partnership with the Clean Energy Supplier Alliance, VERTical will rebuild and modernize the U.S. supply chain for next-generation nuclear by filling gaps, removing barriers and solving challenges in the industry’s supply chain.

Illustration depicting a gear in the center of a circle that has other circles on it showing a nuclear atom, an approved document, a shipping truck, and a recycle symbol.

Grow the Advanced Clean Energy Market

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VERTical project partners will identify suitable properties and work with appropriate entities to eliminate encumbrances and secure funding for infrastructure or other required improvements to pre-package certified sites for next-generation nuclear reactors and advanced clean energy technology projects. 

Train tomorrow's Nuclear Skilled Trades & Professional Workforce

VERTical’s workforce readiness initiatives will engage industry, labor, education and training institutions from elementary to higher education and other partners to identify skills gaps and future industry requirements to prepare tomorrow’s nuclear skilled-trades and professional workforce. 

Illustration showing a nuclear atom at the center in a circle with lines coming out of the circle and connecting to circles of varying sizes with drawings of a variety of different workforce employees.

Attract Capital for Next-Generation Nuclear

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This project will help form a central location for investors to learn about new nuclear energy industry players and focus capital investments to accelerate the deployment of next-generation nuclear power reactor projects.

Establish a Northwest Nuclear Quality Management Center of Excellence

Industry project partners will collaborate to establish a Nuclear Quality Management Center of Excellence to support the origination of a modern U.S. nuclear energy supply chain.

Illustration of a large building with a nuclear atom on the front.

Ready Next-Generation Nuclear Energy Suppliers

Implement programs and processes companies can use to measure their operations against the criteria required to supply the nuclear industry and take the necessary steps to close any gaps.

Coordinate Grant Partners to Leverage State & Federal Funds

Identify grant opportunities and bring members together to submit collaborative, mutually beneficial applications to help implement successful projects and programs that advance new clean energy technologies.

Grant project icon with an illustrated group of people and dollar sign.

Educate & Advocate for Nuclear Energy

Illustration of a woman presenting information on nuclear energy to a group of people.

VERTical will collaborate with local, state and federal entities for ongoing nuclear energy education and advocacy efforts to build knowledgeable audiences, strengthen relationships, dispel disinformation and provide factual information.